VEC Grand Opening – June 23, 2022

The Veteran Event Center had a very successful grand opening on June 23, 2022. We had a dozen soldiers in uniform representing the Army, Navy and Marine Corps (The Air Force was planning to attend but had required training). We also had representatives from Greene County Sheriff’s department, Republic PD, Battlefield PD and Springfield PD. The Battlefield Fire Department showed up with a huge latter truck, but received a call and had to go and do their duty for our community. State Senator Eric Burleson was with us, along with various other dignitaries from other area companies and charities were there also. There were many veterans from all branches in attendance and participated when a video showing all branches of Militaries hymns were played.
Tony Orlando was our guest speaker and went over his participation with veterans all over the world through his almost 50 years of service through the USO. Tony’s interaction with all present was very well received and of course he was able to do a long version of “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree” which was fantastic (his voice is as good today as in 1973). See the events tab for a video of that performance.

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